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How to Keep the Automotive Chip Shortage From Happening Again

It’s time for the auto industry to really get to know the chip industry

Cuba Jamming Ham Radio? Listen For Yourself

A public SDR network triangulates the island as the source of mystery signals

Nothing Can Keep This Drone Down

It uses elytra, a beetle-inspired set of wings, to self-right itself

Ignoring Intel Rumors, GlobalFoundries Will Do $1-billion Expansion

Plus the foundry will build a new fab in New York state

Google’s Quantum Computer Exponentially Suppresses Errors

Research may help pave the way for scalable, fault-tolerant quantum computers

New Technique Turns 5G’s Power Problem Into a PAPR Tiger

Wireless networks have long struggled with inefficient power ratios

GPUs Can Now Analyze a Billion Complex Vectors in Record Time

The advancement boosts the speed of GPU image analysis eight-fold

Bellingcat Crowdsources Spycraft, Scales Up Sleuthing

‘Net-smart investigations hunt smuggled weapons, downed jetliners, and Russian assassinations

Exclusive Q&A: Neuralink’s Quest to Beat the Speed of Type

An inside engineering look at the brain implant company’s near and far term goals

A New Laser For More Efficient Communications

A defect-resistant topological laser emits pure telecommunication-wavelength light at room temperatures

At Least 2,034 Ways Earth Has Blown Its Cover

Intelligent life in these nearby star systems could locate us the same way we find exoplanets

Physicists Teach AI to Simulate Atomic Clusters

Physics-informed machine learning might help verify microchips

2022 U.S. Budget Funds New ICBMs—A Reckless Diversion?

Minuteman III’s successors could represent a dangerous misstep

New AR System Alters Sight, Sound and Touch

Tactile Echoes allows users to freely interact with any surface

Handheld Device Fights Fatigue by Stimulating Vagus Nerve

Putting an electrical stimulator on the neck can help combat sleep deprivation

This Quantum Computer is Sized For Server Rooms

A new 24-qubit trapped-ion option can fit in two server racks

How and When the Chip Shortage Will End, in 4 Charts

Fabs using older process nodes are the key

Tracking Plastics in the Ocean By Satellite

Turns out microplastic concentrations fluctuate with the seasons

Study: 6G’s Haptic, Holographic Future?

Possibilities and challenges for future 6G communications networks

China Tries To Solve Its Rocket Debris Problem

Warnings aren’t enough, but reusable rockets might be

Cell Phone Radios Could Take Another Giant Leap Towards Miniaturization

New acoustic devices may point to ways to make wireless technology even more compact

Fiber Optic Cables Could Shake Up Our Understanding of Deep-Sea Quakes

Tiny perturbations in signal polarizations can hint at underwater seismic events

Two Natural-Language AI Algorithms Walk Into A Bar…

…And reveal some persistently bigoted tendencies of GPT-3

Backscatter Radio at Gigabit Speeds

RFID’s faster cousin could lead to high-speed, low-power data transfer

Rocket Mining System Could Blast Ice from Lunar Craters

A concept competing for a NASA award would use an enclosed rocket engine and vacuum system to harvest water ice from the lunar surface

Pride in Tech: How Lotus Championed Gay Rights During the AIDS Crisis

The leader in personal-computer software also aimed to be the most progressive company in the world

New AI Proves to Be a Trash Sorter Extraordinaire

GarbageNet has the potential to divert compost and recyclables from the landfill

Harnessing the Wild Power of AI Image Generation

A layout- and style-based architecture shows how to control AI capabilities to generate complex images

Electric Flying Cars May Be Possible With New Batteries

Lithium-ion cells with nickel foil can handle fast charging and could sustain 80-kilometer flights