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How Close Is Ordinary Light To Doing Quantum Computing?

New research suggests classical phenomena in optics may enable a new kind of hybrid computation

Tired of Zoom Calls? Try Beaming in on a Hologram

Holographic tech in the corporate sector is rapidly advancing, but will today’s hybrid workplace see widespread adoption?

Brain Signals Can Drive Exoskeleton Parts Better With Therapy

Training patients to use muscle electrodes for robotic limb control works better than previously thought possible

These Might Be the Fastest (and Most Efficient) AI Systems Around

Almost 2000 entries ranked in MLPerf’s latest inferencing list

Cerebras’ New Monster AI Chip Adds 1.4 Trillion Transistors

Shift to 7-nanometer process boosts the second-generation chip’s transistor count to a mind boggling 2.6-trillion

Amazon’s New Quantum Computer Design Relies On Tiny Schrödinger’s Cats

Theoretical blueprint aims to suppress overwhelming errors with a new approach to making qubits

A Hacker’s Nightmare: Programmable Chips Secured by Chaos

A complex network of randomly interconnected logic gates creates conditions that could thwart hackers

Japan’s Plan to Discharge Fukushima Radioactive Water into the Sea has Supporters as Well as Foes

Despite protests at home and abroad, the government has also received overseas backing for how it intends to deal with a “unique and complex” problem

Nvidia’s Supercomputing CPU Puts Intel Under Pressure

Grace already has clients lined up in one of Intel’s stalwart markets

Why the FCC Keeps Shooting Down Requests From Companies That Want To Shoot Down Drones

Regulators have denied testing permits to at least four electronic warfare systems in the last six months

15 Graphs You Need to See to Understand AI in 2021

The 2021 AI Index provides insight into jobs, publications, diversity, and more

How NASA is Adapting to Busier and Noisier Communications With Mars

Perseverance’s lead telecom engineer explains how to handle interplanetary radio interference

Robotic Exoskeletons Could One Day Walk By Themselves

AI and wearable cameras could help exoskeletons act a bit like autonomous vehicles

Morpheus Turns a CPU Into a Rubik’s Cube to Defeat Hackers

University of Michigan’s Todd Austin explains how his team’s processor defeated every attack in DARPA’s hardware hacking challenge

His Blue LEDs Changed How We Light Our World

Nearly 30 years ago, Isamu Akasaki dazzled journalists with a bright pen light

Classify This Robot-Woven Sneaker With 3D-Printed Soles as “Footware”

Adidas’s Futurecraft.Strung running shoes explore complex geometries of support for the world’s fastest feet

RISC-V Star Rises Among Chip Developers Worldwide

The upstart RISC-V chip architecture has found international traction with its customizable open-source design and lack of licensing fees

Are Digital Humans the Next Step in Human-Computer Interaction?

The growing population of avatars that use AI smarts to interact with us is a major clue

Diamond-Based Quantum Accelerator Puts Qubits in a Server Rack

Its makers envision this device growing to 50+ qubits and fitting aboard satellites, autonomous vehicles

What Exactly Is Your Brain Doing When Reading Code?

Mulling over a computer program is not like thinking in everyday language—but it’s not pure logic either

IBM Exec on Intel Chipmaking Collab: “Choose Your Strength”

In Intel and IBM’s effort to battle international competitors, joint undertaking marks unlikely duo

Let’s Thwart This Terrible Idea for Standards Setting

Yet another way that China–US tensions are threatening technological progress

Job For Particle Accelerators May Be Possible on Tabletop

Cold clouds of atoms—Bose-Einstein Condensates—will test quantum gravity, enable atom-scale lithography and prospect for minerals from afar

New Tool Strips Manipulative “Dark Patterns” From Mobile Apps

Many apps try to trick us into doing things we didn’t mean to, but a new tool could help take back control

Here’s What You Need to Know About China’s Mars Rover

Tianwen-1 is expected to attempt a difficult Martian landing in May; if it survives, expect to hear much more

Deep Learning Isn’t Deep Enough Unless It Copies From the Brain

Jeff Hawkins, the Palm Pilot’s creator, thinks AI needs much more neuroscience in the mix

To Learn To Deal With Uncertainty, This AI Plays Pong

New algorithm could help robots and autonomous cars negotiate the real world

The Mars Sample Return Mission Will Be a First for Humankind

The biggest challenge for a multi-mission robotic lift-off from an alien planet: It must work right the first time

Swarm Takes LoRa Sky-High

The satellite company has adapted the popular IoT technology for use in its constellation

Whether Cold Fusion or Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions, U.S. Navy Researchers Reopen Case

Spurred on by continued anomalous nuclear results, multiple labs now working to get to bottom of story