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These Technologists Are Trying to Make COVID-19 Risk Assessment More of a Science

The microCOVID Project crunches your location and desired activity into a real-world risk estimate

Terran R Rocket from Relativity Space Will Be Completely 3D Printed, Completely Reusable

The first stage, second stage, and payload fairing of the Terran R will all be recovered and flown again

Mars-bound Astronauts Might Raid This Zero-G Fridge

Engineers at Purdue University have built a prototype of a refrigerator that works in zero gravity

DNA-based Circuits May Be the Future of Medicine, and This Software Program Will Get Us There Faster

The program allows anyone without knowledge in chemistry to easily design DNA-based circuits.

Subcarrier Signals: The Unsung Heroes of the FM Dial

How subcarrier radio signals made room for hidden FM stations—and helped ensure that everyone has access to the news

Here’s What 6G Will Be, According to the Creator of Massive MIMO

Tom Marzetta, the director of NYU Wireless, explains how it will be the next level of human-to-human communication

Smart Bike Predicts Cars’ Trajectories, Honks To Warn of Impending Crash

Onboard sensors and sophisticated algorithms could alert drivers, but what about cost?

As Cars Become Mobility Services, Fujitsu and AWS Develop Automotive Cloud Computing Tools

Amazon and Japan’s biggest computer company collaborate to move automakers along the transition to transportation-as-a-service providers

The Endless Frontier Act Could Drastically Change NSF

A change in how the United States’ National Science Foundation allocates funding might be on the way

Taking Underwater Communications And Power to New Depths With Light

A new algorithm optimizes the simultaneous transfer of data and power underwater

MOXIE Might Be the Most Exciting Thing Perseverance Has Brought to Mars

It might not be able to fly or drill or shoot lasers, but MOXIE is how humans are going to get to Mars and back

South Korea’s $450-Billion Investment Latest in Chip Making Push

Ten-year investment part of a global race to secure semiconductors

AI Modifies Actor Performances for Flawless Dubbing

Commercialization of AI-assisted dubbing for TV and films hints at bigger possibilities with digitally captured acting performances

New Optical Antennas Harvest 100 Times More Electricity from Heat

Quantum tunneling helps electrons pass through barriers in new “rectenna” device

South Korea’s $450-Billion Chip Investment Latest in Chip Making Push

Ten-year investment part of a global race to secure semiconductors

Drones and Sensors Could Spot Fires Before They Go Wild

Simulations suggest that the approach can achieve early wildfire detection with 99 percent accuracy

Here’s How Google’s TPU v4 AI Chip Stacked Up in Training Tests

Next generation chip doubles processing power

The 2021 Hackaday Game is Afoot!

Get your imagination revving if you hope to win Hackaday’s $25,000 Prize

Flash Memory’s 2D Cousin is 5,000 Times Speedier

New memory could be multi-bit for ultra-high-density storage

Lasers Could Clear Space Junk From Orbit

Adaptive optics proposal would allow tracking and steering of small but still damaging orbital debris

Nanoscale Plasma Switch Goes From Zero to Kilowatts in Picoseconds

Chip-scale 6G terahertz transmitters could result

Digital Nose Stimulation Enables Smelling in Stereo

A tiny nose-worn device turns electrical waveforms into directional smells

Coming Home: NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Mission to Begin Return from Deep Space

Robotic spacecraft begins its two-year voyage to bring back 300-gram soil sample from asteroid Bennu

EXCLUSIVE: Google Snaps Up Network-on-Chip Startup Provino

New technology promises faster, more efficient processors for AI

Reconfigurable Optical Networks Will Move Supercomputer Data 100X Faster

Newly designed HPC network cards and software that reshapes topologies on-the-fly will be key to success

The Next Frontier for Gesture Control is Teeth

For control over your devices without making a spectacle of yourself, teeth are the obvious choice

Too Perilous For AI? EU Proposes Risk-Based Rules

Draft regulations splits AI applications into risk-based tiers and bans some

Better Commuting Through Quantum Computing

Startup Q-CTRL teams with Australian transportation agency to test how quantum computing can optimize transportation networks

Three Decades in the Making, China’s Space Station Launches This Week

Tianhe’s first module expected to be joined by other launches—establishing the full Chinese Space Station by end of 2022

For The First Time, Electronics Printed On Paper Can Be Fully Recycled

Long-lasting devices written with carbon nanomaterial inks can be remade into new ones when their work is done